Wedding Welcome Bags

Wedding Welcome Bags

Last spring we made these welcome bags for guests to receive when they checked into their hotel rooms. This is a great way for the bride to say thank you in a personal way!

How-To: Hand Made Monogrammed Welcome Bags

1. Create your monogram. We did this by simply googling “monogram fonts” and choosing one that fit our brides theme and personality.  There are also tons of monogram generators online. For your first attempt, you may want to stick to a simple font that will be easier to cut a stencil of.

2. Once you have created your monogram, transfer it onto a piece of mylar or plastic (mylar is clear and thin, so you can easily trace and cut it.) We used an old plastic folder and it worked just fine! With a box cutter or X-Acto knife, cut along the monogram to remove the actual letters from the plastic.

3. Using your hand cut stencil, center it on the bag you wish to monogram. To secure the stencil and produce a clean line, we adhered it using a glue stick – this was just strong enough to keep it in place with out leaving any sticky residue. 

4. Select a spray paint color you wish to work with. We used a Krylon indoor/outdoor paint. Because your are painting a cloth surface, the finish of the paint (glass, matte, etc…) will not make much of a difference. With the stencil in place, stand about a foot from the surface you are painting and use an even, back an fourth motion to cover to stencil.

5. After allowing a moment of drying time, remove the stencil and your monogrammed bag is complete!