About Me

Greetings, everyone!

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I’m Marjorie, a prominent fashion and lifestyle blogger hailing from the heart of Oklahoma City. It’s quite surreal that I’m here today, sharing my fervor for fashion with all of you.

Despite grappling with numerous hurdles, I’m proud of the person I’ve evolved into. While I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s in Business and Finance, my dreams extend far beyond these achievements.

My affinity for fashion never wavered, even when the budget for new clothes was tight. I’d concoct visions of outfits and styles I longed to wear (funnily enough, that passion endures). Following my graduation in 2006, I embarked on a blogging journey to channel my adoration for fashion, culture, and lifestyle. These days, my blog has grown into an everyday passion.

I’m fortunate to share my life with an incredible husband, who moonlights as my videographer. He patiently tolerates my requests for impromptu video sessions (with a wink!). We’ve traversed a decade of togetherness, including over two years of marriage, and he’s still bewildered by my ever-expanding shoe collection. Admittedly, I’m a ‘shoeholic’—if that term holds any weight. While I don’t tally my footwear treasures, he insists they’re plentiful (haha). A quick browse through my blog will unmistakably reveal my undying love for shoes.

Within the realm of Party.Love.Birds, you’ll find my daily ensemble shares, ongoing infatuations, street style sparks, my vibrant lifestyle, which encompasses my travels, and the rich tapestry of my heritage.

The journey to this point has been embraced wholeheartedly, supported by my loving husband, my dear family, remarkable friends, and yes, you—the reader, whose presence fuels this endeavor. Without your unwavering support, this venture wouldn’t be what it is today.

Thank you, sincerely, for investing your time here.

Much love,


Fun Tidbits About Me:

  • I’m an unabashed food enthusiast. My appetite’s rhythm may astonish you, and my bag is forever stocked with snacks.
  • My drive for my career is rivaled only by my passion for fashion. Even while I sleep, my nightstand’s iPad flickers with a stream of fashion inspirations.
  • I’m a proud partner to an endearingly vigilant gentleman who double-checks locked doors, even after he’s seen me secure them.