1. Photography: Who Captures the Moments? All of my pictures are taken by a skilled professional photographer.
  2. Behind the Lens: My Camera of Choice I rely on the Canon 5D Mark series to capture every detail.
  3. Editing Magic: Crafting Picture-Perfect Scenes My photo editing process begins by uploading images through Flickr. To create captivating collages, I turn to Photoshop.
  4. Video Creativity: A Joint Effort The mastermind behind all my videos, from shooting to editing, is none other than my wonderful husband. 📸❤️
  5. Designer Crushes: From Classics to Seasonal Trends My fashion heart beats for Chanel, Alexander Wang, Chloe, DVF, Stella McCartney, and Rodarte, with seasonal favorites adding flair.
  6. Time Well Spent: Navigating the Blogger’s Life Blogging demands my time, particularly post-work and post-school hours. I find pockets of time throughout the day to write, edit, and capture photos.
  7. Blogging Drive: Inspiration & Dedication The unwavering support of my readers fuels my motivation. It’s a mix of duty and a desire to express my personality through style.
  8. Juggling Act: Work, School, and Blogging Managing work, school, and my blog requires dedication. Passion drives me to allocate time for each aspect of my life while maintaining balance.
  9. Advertisements: Get in Touch! Interested in advertising on my blog? Drop me a line at info@partylovebirds.com to explore the possibilities.

Disclaimer: All images and videos posted on my blog are owned by Party.Love.Birds unless otherwise stated. Usage without prior consent is prohibited. Reach out with questions or requests at any time. Thank you for understanding the creative ownership! 📸🎥